God Has Priorities – Is He Your Priority?

A man sings and plays guitar. God heals relationships - a personal testimony from Jay and Barbara, whose marriage was at an end 10 months earlier. God worked in them and they renewed vows after 23 years. They have a new companion (from the inside), and far more love for one another. It’s a miracle for these people. Pastor tells story of how he applied, "Seek first the kingdom of God…" He had a career with Southern Pacific Railroad. He was engaged but postponed marriage to go to Bible college, etc. It isn't easy. It’s a serious commitment. If you give God first place, he will meet you and provide for you. During singing after message Pastor sensed God's healing for someone and commented.

Reverend Robert Carrington
God Has Priorities - Is He Your Priority?
Reverend Robert CarringtonGod Has Priorities - Is He Your Priority?