Remember God’s Work in You

Father's Day. Sandra Latino sang, "Consume Me". Similar sermon to 9:30 AM. Some of our fears are real, others are unfounded fear or superstitions. We almost never read or hear positive info. About our government in the news. Yet, everyone wants to come to the USA. The Enemy wants us to be depressed and discouraged. Many of you are looking for work, worrying about tomorrow. The other side of this is to remember: (1)the Lord's promises (2) The Lord's presence (3) Believe and remember experiences that back up your Faith. (I am preaching to myself.) When the horror of great darkness comes, you pray and remind yourself and God of the answers to prayer, i.e., "I remember the job you got me ten years ago. I remember you healed me five years ago. Stand on the promise. Keep your faith. Grab the reality of that experience.

Reverend Robert Carrington
Remember God's Work in You
Reverend Robert CarringtonRemember God's Work in You